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Climb Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481' / 5642m) !!! 20% off !!!!

Visa in Russia.
Itinerary, dates and land cost - 2015. !!!! 20% off !!!
Report - Seasons of 2007 - 2014 year.
Notes of climbers about us.
About your guide.
Nikolai oil painting.
Ski from Mt Elbrus, 5642m.
Elbrus ski touring
Needed gear
Tours for painters


Web site of Mountain Experience "Elbrus climb"

Web site of Ascend Adventures (

Web site of Camp5 Expedition (

They have climbed Mt. Elbrus .

John Reinders -climber from Canada.(

English guide Steve Boydon (

Pat (John P Riordan) USA - Mt. Elbrus 2001 (