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Climb Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481' / 5642m) !!! 20% off !!!!

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Itinerary, dates and land cost - 2015. !!!! 20% off !!!
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Ski from Mt Elbrus, 5642m.
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The Caucasus form a chain of high, alpine mountains separating the Republic of Georgia from that of Russia to the north. Just north of the main chain, several kilometres into Europe and into Russia, lies Europes highest summit - Mount Elbrus, 5624m. The main chain itself contains many mountains over 5000m and tens of summits higher than Mont Blanc. The Baksan Valley leads, in about 40 miles, from the northern foothills to the chain. This is the most important and best developed valley in the Caucasus, partly because of the mineral wealth located near Tyrnyauz and partly on account of Elbrus and the hundreds of magnificent mountains which comprise its watershed. We will be based in a hotel in the Baksan Valley from where we will make several trips following beautiful forested valleys, walking through alpine meadows, crossing glaciated mountain passes and climbing some of the easiest summits which provide superb panoramas of the Caucasus Range. For this ascent we will use a cable car system which takes us to a height of about 3800m from where we walk up to a mountain lodge to camp at 4100m. Though gentle-angled, the ascent requires the use of crampons and an ice axe. There will be opportunities to practise with these during the first days. We employ extra guides on Elbrus itself, belonging to the Elbrus guide and rescue bureau. We begin our trip with a city tour of Moscow and Red Square before our flight south to the Caucasus. The trip can end in St. Petersburg or Moscow. St. Petersburg is a city designed by Peter the Great to be the Venice of the North.

mt.elbrus from 3900m

Additional Info...

The ascent of Elbrus is not a technical climb and no advanced mountaineering experience is required. It is a long trek up a snow field requiring fitness, perseverance, and familiarity with the use of crampons and ice-axes. We aim to ascend the highest of Elbrus' twin-peaks, the West peak. At 5642 m this is Europe's highest summit

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