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Climb Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481' / 5642m) !!! 20% off !!!!

Visa in Russia.
Itinerary, dates and land cost - 2015. !!!! 20% off !!!
Report - Seasons of 2007 - 2014 year.
Notes of climbers about us.
About your guide.
Nikolai oil painting.
Ski from Mt Elbrus, 5642m.
Elbrus ski touring
Needed gear
Tours for painters
About your guide.

Nikolai's email

My brief mountain resume:


You can see some references and notes on a page
Here are some fragments.
 Egfried Miller (Austria) 

...Nicolai was recommeded to us from friends.Nicolai is absolutly honest, a very friendly man, he organized the trip in perfect way, how we talked about in Email.

We thank Nicolai for the wonderful trip, at the end he showed us his hometown Moskau - very, very good - it is his city! Never visit Moskau without Nicolai.

If we come again to Russia  - we make it just with Nicolai, and really just with him.

In Austria it is not easy to find a man so friendly and honest as Nikolai. Thank you very much.

James Wilde (USA) <
...and flexibility which Nikolai provided made for a very comfortable trip when we were off the mountain. As well, his English is excellent and enjoys explaining mountaineering techniques, the history of the area, and the geology of the mountains surrounding. He has over 30 years of mountaineering experience and has climbed Elbrus over 50 times. I can recommend him highly as a guide in the Russian Mountains....

Jerome DaSilva - Canada.

... and Nikolai was very experienced with the treatment (descent, descent. descent). He took me back down to the valley for a night, and afterwards we were able to make it to the summit with no problems.
I cannot say enough good things about Nikolai. He is a very strong climber and guide with a wealth of climbing experience. He is also very cautious and conscientious. His English is great and he made excellent arrangements for us in terms of drivers and accommodations....

Some recommendations:

Steve Martin (USA)  February 10, 2008


Hello, Nikolai,


Well, it's been several months since we returned to Colorado after the great experiences we had with you and your guide Olga while we were in Russia.  It has just dawned on me that I never sent on to you the "testimonial" I had mentioned that I'd write for your Alptour website.  I've included it later in this e-mail.  Use all or as much of it as you'd like to.


We've been promoting you strongly here in Colorado, to members of the Colorado Mountain Club and to subscribers to, an organization of serious climbers, many of whom travel to various countries for climbs.  I'm certain that you'll get some future bookings from these promotions.  Carolyn Randall is still assembling her team for a late July 2008 climb of Mt. Elbrus.  She'll be contacting you during March to make arrangements with you, once she has her team in place.  Recall that Carolyn was originally to come with Paul, Kevin, and me last summer, but had a fall off her bike and broke her hip.


Here's the testimonial for you to use in whatever way you care to:


WOW! What a terrific experience, made so by the wonderful support and assistance provided by Nikolai Savin. We desired a non-guided climb of Mt. Elbrus, but needed all basic trip arrangement and ground support actions including visas, airport pickup and accommodations in Moscow, in-city transfers, all travel help between Mineralnye Vody and Terskol, hut reservations, food and cooking at the hut, and return to Moscow followed by a good tour of key locations in the city. Nikolai arranged and directed all this support in a highly professional fashion that made our entire trip seamless, highly enjoyable, and very successful! What impressed us most was Nikolai’s responsiveness and adaptability: when we initially made arrangements with Alptour we had five in our group. Two needed to drop out due to accident injuries or family health issues, well after Nikolai had made and paid for all ground and support reservations for five people. He quickly found ways to save money for the remaining three of us, going so far as to offer us to sleep in his Moscow flat and to spend one night in his personal quarters in Terskol.

Nikolai is extremely reliable in every respect, and is a good communicator–prompt, detailed; he uses excellent English. His knowledge of and experience on Mt. Elbrus are outstanding. Furthermore, he’s a fun person to be with, and Olga, one of his guides who picked us up at Moscow airports and gave us the tour of the city, is an absolutely delightful person. Nikolai and Olga made our trip very, very special! Thank you!! 

-Amelia Oliver (USA)-...Dear Nikolai,I wanted to say thank you again for guiding our group on Elbrus last week. I was impressed with your competence as a guide, both climbing
with us on the mountain and organizing the logistic elements of our trip.
It was very nice to be able to completely trust our guide and to know that
everything was being handled in a professional manner. I also appreciate
your efforts to accommodate various needs and wants of individual members of
our group, from climbing gear to meals to visa registration to time
schedules to the last-minute organization of the marinated shashlik barbecue
on Saturday evening. It was a pleasure to travel and climb with such a
talented guide as yourself. or call me at work: Russia (095) 354-5600 or home (095) 298-0821.

- Sandy Wiswell (USA) - Nikolai is a registered mountain guide and has been my guide on a number of climbs (Mt Elbrus, etc) in Russia and CIS. He organized all travel, accommodations, food and other supplies, permits, visas, and local sherpas, etc for my climbs. Climbing requires teamwork and motivation and Nikolai is able to promote both in his groups. He is very patient and an excellent motivator. Basically, I showed up and had a great experience. He has been guiding for the past 14 years. His clients included many repeat clients from the US, UK, and Europe. He has also accompanied me on business trips as a translator, and has been able to expedite many "situations" in Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan. Nikolai's English is very good, he is trustworthy and dependable and is able to solve problems, take the initiative to get the job done. Nikolai will go the extra mile to complete the task. It is always my pleasure to work with him, climb with him and call him my friend. If you need more information or "real time" reference for Nikolai please do not hesitate to call Sandy Wiswell during the day (095) 725-5162; at night (095) 575-73-00 or email

My name is Nikolai Savin. I am 51 years old and an engineer by education. In 1973, I went to the Caucasus mountains for the first time as a member of a mountain club group. After that, every year I was mountaineering, climbing, skiing (mostly Caucasus, but also Pamirs, Crimea, and Tien Shan).
In 1980, I finished a school for expedition leaders.
From 1983, for five years I have been working in the Moscow Mountain Adventure Club as a leader and an instructor. In 1990, I started to work in a private adventure tour company "Travel Russia" as an international guide for "Climb Mt. Elbrus" and other trips. In 1995, I had my first private group (it was "Mountain Travel" USA with a guide Sergio Fitch Watkins). All together I have climbed Mt. Elbrus as a guide of international groups about 50 times.

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