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Climb Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481' / 5642m) !!! 20% off !!!!


Hello Climbers,

My name is Nikolai Savin. I have guided on Mt.Elbrus about 60 times.  I live in Moscow and have been the owner and leader of an adventure company Alptour to climb Mt. Elbrus for 17 years. We organize climbing Mt. Elbrus  through Moscow and St. Petersburg (visa support, arranging the logistics, hotels, permits, guiding, food, etc.) for groups from different countries .
We have been working with the American companies Mountain Experience (OR), Adventures International (OR),  Ascend Adventures, Ultimate Expeditions (OR), Mountain Dreams, Camp 5 Expeditions, and Mountain Travel (CA) and private groups since 1990. We would like to find climbers, guides, adventure companies or mountain clubs which like to work and climb Mt. Elbrus with us.

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 Egfried Miller (Austria) -E.Miller@lks.at 

...Nicolai was recommeded to us from friends.Nicolai is absolutly honest, a very friendly man, he organized the trip in perfect way, how we talked about in Email.

We thank Nicolai for the wonderful trip, at the end he showed us his hometown Moskau - very, very good - it is his city! Never visit Moskau without Nicolai.

If we come again to Russia  - we make it just with Nicolai, and really just with him.

In Austria it is not easy to find a man so friendly and honest as Nikolai. Thank you very much.

James Wilde (USA) <jameswilde@web.de
...and flexibility which Nikolai provided made for a very comfortable trip when we were off the mountain. As well, his English is excellent and enjoys explaining mountaineering techniques, the history of the area, and the geology of the mountains surrounding. He has over 30 years of mountaineering experience and has climbed Elbrus over 50 times. I can recommend him highly as a guide in the Russian Mountains....

Jerome DaSilva - Canada. jeromejdasilva@yahoo.com

... and Nikolai was very experienced with the treatment (descent, descent. descent). He took me back down to the valley for a night, and afterwards we were able to make it to the summit with no problems.
I cannot say enough good things about Nikolai. He is a very strong climber and guide with a wealth of climbing experience. He is also very cautious and conscientious. His English is great and he made excellent arrangements for us in terms of drivers and accommodations....
Andrew Nathan Van Fossen (USA) avanfoss@chicagogsb.edu
I wanted to thank you for putting together my trip to Russia and
for getting me to the top of Elbrus.  I had such a great time in
your country; you did a great job of setting me up in Moscow and
St. Petersburg. 
And as for the climb, I couldn't have done it
without you. 
Thanks for being patient with me as I slowly worked
my way to the top.

Have a good climb. 

Leader and giude, Nikolai Savin.


Altaiskaia St. 21-197, Moscow,
 127474 Russia.
 phone:  +7 916 613 7741

RUSSIA: CLIMB MT. ELBRUS. Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481' / 5642 m), is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. It is one of the famous "Seven Summits".....the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Little known outside of Eastern Europe, the peaks, glaciers, and valleys of the Caucasus are as beautiful as the Swiss Alps.

CLIMBING LEVEL - Advanced Beginner.
...We will take a cable car and hike to a mountain lodge and then, after acclimatization days, climb Mount Elbrus at 18,510 feet (5,642 m). Though gently angled, the ascent is a long trek up a snow field requiring fitness, perseverance, and the use of crampons and an ice ax (or ski poles).
Best time to climb Mt.Elbrus is May, June, July, August, and September (normal program is around 12 days). 

Our land cost includes:
* Visa support and invitation to Russia.
* Hotel reservation and accommodation in Moscow or St. Petersburg and in Elbrus region.
* Air tickets to Min. Vody and back.
* Meeting in Moscow with an English speaking guide in Sheremetievo II Airport.
* Transfers in cities: * Sightseeing in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
*  Sheremetievo II on the way back home.
* Transfer in the Caucasus region: Min. Vody - Terskol - Min. Vody.
* Accommodation in Elbrus region.
* Ski-lift in Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Cheget.
* The permit for Elbrus climbing and Elbrus Nation Park
* Three times a day meals in Caucasus, including in the high altitude zone during climbing.
* Meal preparation in the Refuge.
* Mountain high qualification guides - depending on group quantity. ).

And any other help in Moscow, in Russia, and CIS.

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Mt Elbrus

Send email to your guide, Nikolai

Altaiskaia St. 21-197, Moscow,
 127474 Russia.
 phone:  +7 916 613 7741